About Drake’s

A Passion for Pasta

For more than 25 years, Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company has been a respected name among foodservice professionals, specialty grocery stores and home chefs seeking exceptional premium pasta products. What sets us apart? Our passion for pasta – outstanding pasta!

What does that mean for you? It means knowing, without question, that every Drake’s product you choose has been made with care, using only the finest fresh ingredients … prepared with absolute attention to detail … using state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary processes in our USDA-certified/HACCP approved facility. It means knowing that you have the assurance of SQF 2000 Certification, the highest global food safety standard.

It also means you have selected much more than a vendor. You have selected a service-conscious partner who understands the importance of efficiency, accuracy and speed in responding to each request. A partner who welcomes the opportunity to support you as you explore new ways to meet your clients’ evolving needs and preferences.

Welcome to products you will appreciate for their distinctiveness. A relationship you will appreciate for its responsiveness.

Welcome to The World of Drake’s Pasta.

“Through our diverse product offering, whether used as appetizers, side dishes, entrees or dessert (yes, dessert!), the only limitation is your imagination. As culinary craftsmen, Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company honors the age-old traditions of fine pasta making and continually pursues ‘The Taste We Believe In.”

–Rick and Simone Drake