The Drake’s Way

The Art of Perfect Pasta

Drake’s commitment to excellence in our choice of ingredients and proprietary processes results in an exceptional back-to-basics cuisine that appeals to upscale consumers as well as those seeking healthy choices and solid value.

Our Starting Point: The Finest, Freshest Ingredients

Our pasta and fillings are prepared fresh every day in our state-of-the-art USDA facility in High Point, N.C. Both flat and filled pasta products are made with only the finest ingredients. No preservatives are used in any Drake’s products; we use all-natural ingredients from vendors that have required approvals and effective food safety programs.

There is no compromise when it comes to sourcing ingredients. We have a rigorous vendor approval program in place, and our quality standards are extremely high. We will not tolerate inconsistency in ingredients or service.

We use Extra Fancy Durum Wheat Flour as the foundation of our product line. It is milled to our specifications and delivered directly from the mill.

We purchase our fresh vegetables on a daily basis to ensure the highest quality.

Only fresh dairy cream, Impastata style Ricotta, fresh mozzarella and real butter are used.

We purchase whole wheels of imported cheese that are grated fresh for everyday use.

Fresh cheese is manufactured to Drake’s standards and delivered weekly.

Fresh whole pasteurized eggs are laboratory tested to ensure the highest degree of wholesomeness.

Only the finest meats, seafood and fresh vegetables are prepared with great care to maintain Drake’s standard of excellence in manufacturing.

Our Processes Reflect Our Passion

We believe each product we make should be a work of art. That’s why we’re known for hand-prepared plump fillings encased in thin, tender dough.  It’s also why our ravioli seams stay together. And why our tortellini stay closed and our natural-colored pasta dough becomes more vibrant after cooking.  While quality is important to any manufacturer, Drake’s focuses on quality and attention to detail throughout each step of the manufacturing process.  Plus, we strive to be as efficient as possible to continue offering premium products at competitive prices.

Drake’s filling-to-dough ratios are second to none. Our ravioli are 50-60% filling, which is 20% higher than many other brands. All ingredients are blended together, not pureed. The difference is immediately obvious when cutting into the delicious filled pasta.

Our flavors and textures enable Drake’s pasta to stand alone without complex sauces. The fillings entice the taste buds with all-natural flavors and appropriate textures. From fresh Maine lobster to pencil-thin asparagus, we carefully blend our ingredients to draw out their subtle and complex attributes without the use of bases or flavor enhancers.

Client needs are a focus at Drake’s. Our flat noodles, unlike most others, are “semi-dried” (small amount of moisture removed) and packaged flat like dry pasta. This allows our foodservice customers to easily grab any size portion they wish without having to “wrestle” with noodles that are folded over or nested – and all without any clumping or breaking.

Our packaging process includes a last-minute hand check on all products, most of which are placed on foam trays to ensure a 100% yield. Heavy-duty cardboard boxes, combined with the foam trays, provide both thermal and “shock” protection, so Drake’s customers have full use of all the products they purchase. That means no broken corners and no ravioli sticking together.

The finest ingredients … proprietary processes … quality assurance … and a reputation for customer service.  All part of what makes Drake’s the choice of discerning chefs and upscale food markets across the nation. We welcome the opportunity to explore how our commitment to excellence can help support your success.