Drake’s at Home

Gourmet Pasta from Your Store to Your Door

Whether you are preparing for a family gathering, elegant dinner party or seeking quality quick-fix options, Drake’s Fresh Pasta delivers the finest, chef-tested pasta selections at a solid value.

Drake’s has been creating premium artisan pasta selections for discerning restaurants, country clubs and other foodservice professionals for more than 25 years. Now you can enjoy the same quality pasta at home.

The Finest All-Natural Ingredients

Drake’s has been a leader in producing all-natural, health-conscious products since the company started more than 25 years ago. Just look at our labels and you will see the difference. This commitment to quality ingredients ensures exceptional flavor in a healthy, preservative-free option for your family.

No Preservatives. We use only fresh, whole, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. We do not use any precooked or further cooked ingredients.
Fresh Milled Flour. All of our pasta is made from scratch with Extra Fancy Durum Wheat Flour that is custom milled to our standards and specifications.
Selected Meats and Seafood. Our meat, chicken and seafood ingredients are shipped from USDA/HACCP certified suppliers to ensure all aspects of food safety.
Whole Vegetables. Our vegetables are delivered and hand-chopped daily.
Whole Cheeses. Our whole wheel cheeses are imported and grated daily to ensure freshness.
More Filling. Our filling-to-dough ratio is among the highest in the industry while maintaining the proper balance of each in every bite. Our ravioli are 50-60% filling which is higher than many other brands.
Rolled Dough. We roll our dough the traditional way, which creates a dense yet tender pasta that has exceptional taste and holds its texture in all cooking environments.

Can Frozen Be Fresh?

The answer is YES! The freshness starts with the ingredients. Because we use only all-natural ingredients and quick-freeze our pasta, our frozen pasta stays fresh longer and cooks to perfection, every time. Refrigerated pasta products have a short shelf life and often contain preservatives to prolong expiration dates. They are also subject to becoming dry or stale because they are bulk packaged in air-filled containers. Our proprietary packaging process ensures that each individual piece is sealed to ensure the flavor stays in and the air stays out.

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