Retail Professionals

From Our Chefs to Your Shelves

RetailPkgs-newDiscerning customers know they can count on you for food choices that are exceptional in quality, featuring all-natural ingredients. So how can you ensure you are maintaining that reputation for excellence when it comes to outstanding pasta products?

By choosing Drake’s Fresh Pasta – a name known and respected by top-rated chefs across the nation.

The Finest All-Natural Ingredients

We use only the finest, freshest ingredients – from flour to cheese to dairy products, vegetables, meats and seafood. All are prepared to our demanding specifications by approved vendors. Our products are all natural with no preservatives.

Our cooking starts from scratch. Grilling, sautéing and roasting bring out the fresh flavors. Precooked ingredients are NOT an option. Our ingredients and cooking methods create a final product that enables you our customer to “Taste the Freshness We Believe In.”

Proprietary Processes

Our filling-to-dough ratios are second to none. Filling ingredients are gently incorporated – never pureed – and encased in thin, tender dough. Our packaging ensures safe arrival and optimum value for you and your customers.

Our new plant features equipment that has been engineered and designed to match our product specifications. Our custom equipment enables us to produce pastas that have fillings similar to those mixed by hand in a bowl. Fillings are not pureed, but have a rough-chopped appearance. The texture and flavors make each product stand out and have its own distinctive identity.

Quality Assurance

We are a USDA-certified/HACCP-approved facility. We have developed an extensive Food Safety Program that meets the requirements of the Global Food Standard SQF 2000. This assures our customers that all aspects of food safety are addressed from vendor approval to warehousing, cold storage, site security, traceability, pest control, allergen control, hygiene, cleaning and sanitation, prevention of foreign matter, employee training and more. The result is a company that can meet the food safety needs of today and the future. This is a priority at Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company because we care about our future as well as yours.

Bottom line: We serve as true partners to our retail distributors across the nation, providing outstanding products that impress your customers – and responding to your needs for exceptional service and turnaround times.