Beef/Veal Filled

The rich natural flavors of our beef and veal ravioli come from slow roasting of meats and vegetables along with careful selection of suppliers. This ensures consistency, quality and the highest level of food safety.

Cheese Filled

We start with freshly grated imported Parmesan and Romano cheeses for traditional Italian flavor. Our Ricotta cheese is the finest whole milk Impastata style and only quality mozzarella is sourced. The result is cheese filled pastas that are light and fluffy in texture and rich in flavor.

Chicken Filled

Drake’s chicken filled ravioli start with fresh chicken breast and/or thigh meat. We grill our chicken and then dice it for a hand-cut appearance. The chunky texture from the chicken is contrasted by creamy selected cheese and creates raviolis that are exciting in flavor and appearance.

Seafood Filled

Drake’s seafood ravioli use selected lobster, shrimp, and crab. Our flavors are enhanced by sautéed and caramelized vegetables as well as the finest cheeses, herbs, and spices.

Vegetable Filled

Drake’s vegetable ravioli are made from fresh ingredients and prepared by sautéing or grilling. We course-chop our ingredients and fold them together with the finest cheese to create exciting textures and fresh natural flavors.