The Art of Perfect Pasta

Drake’s commitment to excellence in our choice of ingredients and proprietary processes results in an exceptional back-to-basics cuisine that appeals to upscale consumers as well as those seeking healthy choices and solid value.

The Art of Perfect Pasta

Drake’s commitment to excellence in our choice of ingredients and proprietary processes results in an exceptional back-to-basics cuisine that appeals to upscale consumers as well as those seeking healthy choices and solid value.

Our Processes Reflect Our Passion

We believe each product we make should be a work of art. That’s why we’re known for hand-prepared plump fillings encased in thin, tender dough. It’s also why our ravioli seams stay together. And why our tortellini stay closed and our natural-colored pasta dough becomes more vibrant after cooking. While quality is important to any manufacturer, Drake’s focuses on quality and attention to detail throughout each step of the manufacturing process. Plus, we strive to be as efficient as possible to continue offering premium products at competitive prices.

Spinach Florentine Ravioli

filling to
dough ratios

Our ravioli are 50-60% filling, which is 20% higher than many other brands. All ingredients are blended together, not pureed. The difference is immediately obvious when cutting into the delicious filled pasta.

Chicken Florentine

flavors and

The fillings entice the taste buds with all-natural flavors and appropriate textures. From fresh Maine lobster to pencil-thin asparagus, we carefully blend our ingredients to draw out their subtle and complex attributes without the use of bases or flavor enhancers.


focus on
client needs

You speak and we listen. Chefs say they need food that holds up to the hard life in a kitchen AND that tastes good. We deliver! Families want great, easy and fast food. We deliver! You should be able to reach into each case of our products and pick up one noodle or one ravioli. Or…you can cook the whole case with the assurance that the seams will stay together and you will not incur any loss of product – or loss to your bottom line. No broken corners or open seams- AND it tastes good….that’s Magnifico!!


safe food &
good for you

We work hard to make sure that the products you receive are safe. There is nothing more intimate than the food you eat. It needs to “taste” good and “be” good.

The Finest, Freshest Ingredients

Our pasta and fillings are prepared fresh every day in our state-of-the-art USDA facility in High Point, N.C. Both flat and filled pasta products are made with only the finest ingredients. No preservatives are used in any Drake’s products; we use all-natural ingredients from vendors that have required approvals and effective food safety programs.


There is no compromise when it comes to sourcing ingredients. We have a rigorous vendor approval program in place, and our quality standards are extremely high. We will not tolerate inconsistency in ingredients or service.

We purchase our fresh vegetables on a daily basis to ensure the highest quality.


Only fresh dairy cream, Impastata style Ricotta, fresh mozzarella and real butter are used.


We purchase whole wheels of imported cheese that are grated fresh for everyday use.


Fresh cheese is manufactured to Drake’s standards and delivered weekly.


Fresh whole pasteurized eggs are laboratory tested to ensure the highest degree of wholesomeness.


Only the finest meats, seafood and fresh vegetables are prepared with great care to maintain Drake’s standard of excellence in manufacturing.

Prepare for Rave Reviews

Why do so many top-rated chefs insist on Drake’s products for their pasta-based dishes?


Quick answer: We take no shortcuts.

Quality Assurance

We are a USDA-certified/HACCP-approved facility. We have developed an extensive Food Safety Program that meets the requirements of the Global Food Standard SQF 2000. This assures our customers that all aspects of food safety are addressed from vendor approval to warehousing, cold storage, site security, traceability, pest control, allergen control, hygiene, cleaning and sanitation, prevention of foreign matter, employee training and more. The result is a company that can meet the food safety needs of today and the future. This is a priority at Drake’s Fresh Pasta Company because we care about our future as well as yours.


From the beginning, Drake’s Fresh Pasta has been known for our above-and-beyond commitment to food safety and quality; in 2010, Drake’s achieved the highly respected Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. We are one of a few pasta companies in the United States to achieve this certification.


This demanding global certification provides independent assurance that a supplier’s food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations.


As a foodservice professional, retail distributor or home chef, you can be assured that every Drake’s product has been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain.


For additional information about the SQF certification, visit the Safe Quality Food Institute website: